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We need to take action NOW to address the climate crisis and ensure a sustainable future for the worlds resources and our future generations.

Human activity is generating greenhouse gas emissions at such an alarming rate that we are facing a climate CRISIS. Climate change is happening more quickly than feared and the impacts of global warming will have a significant impact on everyone's water and food supply as well as generating potential conflict due to heightened competition for resources.

Addressing the climate crisis via carbon reduction programmes has shifted from being a desirable corporate goal to now presenting companies with a significant business risk if no action is taken.

Following from COP26 in 2021, it is now the Government's policy that the UK reduces its carbon emissions to Net Zero by 2050. A tough challenge to which we all need to contribute. As a result of this commitment all businesses will need to consider how they are going to tackle their own commitments to reach zero and address wider sustinability issues.